After 16 months, an RCI priest will celebrate Mass on Easter Sunday 17th April in Leicestershire, England 
It has been some time since Fr. Petrizzi of the RCI celebrated Mass in the UK in January 2021. 
Fr. will be in the UK until Tuesday 19th April.  
There is no doubt that this St Edmund Mission stalled badly due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed on us by the UK and US Governments. Priests were unable to travel and Masses all but dried up in the UK with a few notable exceptions. 
Bishop Sanborn remains committed to the UK and we are effectively relaunching the mission in order to bring you Mass and the Sacraments. With the newly ordained Fr. de la Chanonie in northern France, we will have the ability to become more established in the UK and have regular, more frequent Masses available.  
We will grow from here but we do need attendance in order to make that happen. The Church is apostolic by Her nature so it is important that we do not become complacent to this and that we all work to get the Mass established in the UK.  
Please donate to our mission.  
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On 14th June 2022 at 01:38, John wrote:
Wonderful. I'm glad that this branch of the True Faith is back in the UK and hopefully can become established. I will aim to attend as I am in Leicester, but do not drive!
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