An update on whether the Coronavirus pandemic will affect us celebrating Holy Mass. 
Unless you have been living under a rock or in the middle of nowhere, you cannot have failed to have seen the news about the Coronavirus pandemic. You may well be wondering whether Mass will still be held on 22nd March, 2020.  
Well, the short answer is that we really do not know at the moment. Father Steenburgen is due to come to the UK from Belgium but we have no way of knowing what the authorities will allow at the end of next week. The Eurostar and the airlines may well be closed. We are in touch with the priests and they will tell us in good time what they can do. Please pray that the Mass takes place. 
Obviously the spiritual nourishment of Mass and the Sacraments is far more elevated than our own material well-being so the intention (at time of writing) is to ensure that out uncompromising, non 'una cum Mass takes place - with Communion for all those in a state of Grace. If you need further clarification, call 07376 676582.  
Venue: Dorset Wharf Community Hall, 158 Rainville Road, London, W6 9HN 
Confessions: 1100 
Rosary: 1130 
Holy Mass: 1200. 
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