An update on whether the Coronavirus pandemic will affect us celebrating Holy Mass. 
Following on from the previous post, we have been been closely monitoring the COVID:19 Coronavirus panic. Unfortunately, the Mass on the 22nd March 2020 has been cancelled. This is for the following reasons: 
This evening, Fr Steenburgen of IMBC informed the UK mission that no one is allowed to travel into or out of Belgium. Father was very disappointed as he wanted to bring the Mass and the Sacraments to the UK. Sadly, due to reasons beyond anyone's control, this bad news effectively cancelled the Mass this coming Sunday. That being stated, we had already been informed that, earlier today, Dorset Wharf Community Hall had been closed until further notice due to Coronavirus. We had been briefly looking for an alternative venue but, as you can now understand from Father's message, it was not to be.  
His Excellency Bishop Sanborn also spoke to the St Edmund Mission Coordinator this evening. His Excellency felt that, due to the unpredictable nature of the political environment, there was no way to really know whether Mass could have taken place on Sunday. Bishop Sanborn also said that, sadly, the prudent thing to do was to cancel Holy Mass in the UK until next month (April). We did not know about quarantine times for Fr Steenburgen. We did not know whether he would have been able to travel. If Father had got into the UK, we did not know if he would have been put into quarantine on return to Belgium - and for IMBC to have been 'a priest down' going into Easter, this would not have been a good thing for the Faithful in Europe.  
So, we're very sorry to announce that the Next Mass will now be in April. Anyone needing emergency confession can go to a properly ordained priest who was ordained under the old rite by a Bishop consecrated under the pre-1968 rite of Episcopal Consecration. Should you need Spiritual Support, please contact us or our priests and we will connect you as soon as possible. 
In you charity, please pray for the lifting of these restrictions and for the our priests to be able to travel to us soon.  
THE MASS ON SUNDAY 22nd March 2020 IS 
C A N C E L L E D.  
Venue: Dorset Wharf Community Hall, 158 Rainville Road, London, W6 9HN 
Confessions: 1100 
Rosary: 1130 
Holy Mass: 1200. 
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