“I profess that Vatican II and the doctrinal, disciplinary and liturgical reforms which have proceeded from it are substantial alterations of the Catholic Faith.” 
This sentence contains the fundamental truth of the whole traditional movement. The first question for every Catholic since Vatican II is this: Is the religion which has come out of Vatican II, with all its many unusual practices and doctrines, the same religion as before Vatican II? Is the modern Catholic Church the same as the Church Jesus Christ founded?  
If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re confused or worries about the current state of the Universal Catholic Church.  
You are not alone. 
You may be disturbed by the general decline in your parish. You may be trying to reconcile what the Catholic Church teaches today, with what was taught in the past. Do you feel frustrated that no one wants to talk about it? 
Are you concerned that there has been a change to the Catholic Church’s teaching concerning morality and you may be anxious about a lack of vocations to the priesthood?  
Maybe you cannot reconcile the illogical 'Recognise and Resist' policy of so-called 'semi-traditional' groups like the SSPX and FSSP?  
Perhaps you’re not yet Catholic, but are seeking more information about what the real Catholic Church teaches? 
Whatever the reason for you being here, you are not alone.  
Most people at the St Edmund Mission have all been in a similar position to you. This catholic mission was set up by, and for, people just like you. 
Our goal is nothing more than converting the United Kingdom back to the Catholic Faith.  
Since Christmas 2014, the mission has operated in the United Kingdom under the supervision of Bp Sanborn, rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary, Brookesville, Florida. His Lordship founded the Roman Catholic Institute and visits the United Kingdom regularly. He is currently aided in this apostolate by priests offering generous support from the IMBC (Institute of Our Lady of Good Counsel). 
This mission exists to provide sacraments and pastoral care to Catholics in the United Kingdom, who hold firmly to the belief that the reforms of the second Vatican Council must be rejected: that they spread false doctrines, evil disciplines and a blasphemous liturgy throughout the Church. 
Further, the laity and clergy of the mission hold firmly that, since the Catholic Church is blessed with indefectibility in both her solemn pronouncements and more especially in her universal teaching, the Vatican II reforms cannot have been promulgated by the legitimate authority of the Catholic Church.  
Consequently those who promulgated such evil novelties, up to and including the Vatican 2 “Popes” themselves, could not have done so with the authority of our Divine Redeemer. 
These truths the mission holds, not as opinions, but as undeniable facts since it is impossible that these such evil reforms could be imposed with the authority of Christ. What we believe is what Holy Mother Church taught us before the heretical Second Vatican Council. 
If you feel the same way or are just looking for answers, why not get in touch with us, come to Holy Mass, talk to one of our bishops or priests, or donate to our mission to bring the Catholic Faith back to the United Kingdom and Ireland.  
in·de·fec·ti·ble (ĭn′dĭ-fĕk′tə-bəl) 
1. Having the ability to resist decay or failure; lasting. 
2. Having no flaw or defect; perfect. 
“I profess that these heretical, evil, and blasphemous reforms can in no way proceed from the Roman Catholic Church, since she is infallible in her doctrines, her disciplines, and her liturgical worship.” 
This above passage is a profession of faith in the infallibility and indefectibility of the Catholic Church. The very essence of the Catholic Church consists in the assistance which Christ, her Invisible Head, gives to her, all days even to the consummation of the world, as He said before He ascended. He accomplishes this assistance through the Holy Ghost the Paraclete. If you take away this assistance from the Church, she would not differ from any merely human church or religion, and would be subject to all of the religious errors and deviations which have plagued humanity from the time of the Fall of Adam and Eve. The very reason why we give our assent of faith to the teaching of the Church is that she has this assistance from Christ, and has the power to teach in His name. 
The assistance means that the Church is indefectible, that is, she will remain until the end of time as a visible and hierarchical institution, and that she will always remain the same, just as Christ founded her. This means that through her hierarchy she will always teach the same doctrines, both dogmatic and moral, will always retain the same essential liturgical practices, and will always prescribe the same essential laws and disciplines. 
By this principle, her liturgy, although it may vary in accidental forms, must always teach the Catholic doctrine, and only the Catholic doctrine, in its rites and ceremonies. In discipline, the assistance of Christ guarantees that the Church will never make a law that prescribes or permits something which is sinful. 
As a logical conclusion from the first sentence, therefore, namely that the Vatican II religion is a substantial deviation from the true Faith, we say that it is impossible that this substantial deviation proceed from the authority of Christ which is vested in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. “Whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth shall be bound also in heaven.” It would be contrary to the promises of Christ that the Catholic hierarchy promulgate what is a substantial alteration of the Catholic Faith. 
Based in London W6 The St Edmund Mission welcomes all to our masses and events. You can sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch or email us at info@catholicmass.co.uk 
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